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About the Profiling Wizard

This function enables the development of your holistic Profile; we consider this to be the inner core of our solution!
The Profile serves in DMS the following sub processes

  •     assisting you to manage your mental state,
  •     setting up your skill development processes by selecting appropriate lessons and by "tailoring" lessons to your needs,
  •     guiding you to enhance your mental performance,
  •     simply eliminating ?noise? and ?redundancy? for targeted communication.

Initially the "Profile" document is built in several profiling sessions;  
however, it continues to develop over a longer period of time and the richness of it's content depends on where you are in the program and which solutions you participate in.  It also expands as you move through the program and as we collect your feedback and your responses to new situations.

The document includes two categories of profiles:

  • the solution independant profile elements
    your Code , indicating your preferences like colors, sensory modality, background audio etc.
    your Type , trying to categorize behavior with psychologically determined personality traits
    your Styles, identifying in more details on several layers your preferences, non-preferences and your flexibility for developing or applying skills
  • the solution specific profile elements
    As you decide to sign up for a specific DMS solution ( example GolfWorld), our Profiling Wizard will work with you by asking questions and capturing your answers to create a basic understanding of  your background,  your intentions and your goals,    status of skills already developed in the selected skill area.

In summary, all information collected and continuously updated in the Profile serves as the basis for offering you the fully personalized Skill Development Plan with the "Guide" and the instructions and assignments delivered in your "Lessons".