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The Dynamic Mind Skills Promise: develop mental skills...achieve mental strength....

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Principles used to develop your mental skills

Let’s look at the common basis, most of the leading Virtual Mental Coaching programs are built on?

  • Mental Strengths will  be achieved by using the powers of the conscious and subconscious Mind in a balanced way
  • You learn, practice and apply techniques, like Relaxation, Inductions and many others,  to cross the bridge from your conscious to the world of your subconscious Mind
  • Then you use these or  other methods and techniques, like Visualization, Anchoring emotions, Suggestions etc.  to exploit the enormous powers of your Subconscious.
  • You can download instructions as Text, Audio or Video Files to adjust your Learning and Practicing of Skills to your mobile lifestyle

The Dynamic Mind Skills Methodology for developing mental skills

We also consider the above mentioned principles as  "must have" elements for our methodology.
However, the Dynamic Mind Skille approach goes much farther and is thereby very much different  even to currently  leading solutions in the field of Virtual Mental Coaching!

The secret and the key for positioning Dynamic Mind Skills solutions as truly unique is:

Optimal Personalization!

A level of Personalization which still is the unique feature of face-to-face Coaching by real Life Coaches.

Optimal Personalization is all  about the difference between
  • Coaching programs built for Mrs. and Mister “Everybody”  or
  • Coaching programs built only "for you"!

Programs in the category “4Everybody”  are developed and delivered without having a specific person, a specific personality in mind.  The same version of the program, the same instructions, the same techniques and methods are offered to 10’s of thousands of individuals…they are mass products for a mass world...

Dynamic Mind Skills Virtual Coaching is designed, developed and delivered only 4YOU!!
At run time,  in real time, meaning when you access the  website, Text and Audio  instructions are built depending on your profile, dealing with you as a person, with your personality factors, your history, your facts and your intentions.
This makes the DMS Coaching approach come very close to the face-to-face Coaching experience with a real life Coach.