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We make mental techniques of the elite available to everybody...

Whenever Top Performance is demanded in business, on the job, in sports, in hobbies....improvement of mental skills and mental strength is the imperative prerequisite for success. We bring methods of the elite to all ambitious Clients....cost effective, everywhere and at any time..

Our topic:
Develop mental skills...achieve mental strength ....

The following related questions might be asked:
In the context of the duality of the mind, are you aware of the enormous, mostly unused powers of your subconscious mind?
How would you benefit from developing good and strong mental skills In your personal development, in your job, in your business, in your sports and your hobbies?
What are the extraordinary effects mental skills and mental strengths would have on your Learning, Practicing and Applying skills in these areas of your life?
Here are some examples...

  • Quick, deep relaxation under various conditions?  Sharp focus and high level of concentration?
  • Controlling phobias and fears? Coping with nerves?
  • Controlling Anger?
  • Improved confidence and self value?
  • Learning to be unaffected by other people?
  • Memorizing and recalling positive emotions?
  • Visualization and imagination driving your successful actions?
  • Quickly refocusing after failures?   Removing effects of failures?
  • Learning and practicing in the state of trance?  Learning by watching and imitating?   
  • Applying skills with consistency?

Currently offered solutions to develop mental skills

On the Web or on other digital Media you come across a good number of Mental Coaching Programs …
A few of them might be classified as 'best of kind' in Virtual Coaching…
Let’s look at the common basis, most of these leading Virtual Mental Coaching programs are built on?

  • Mental Strengths will  be achieved by understanding and using the powers of the conscious and subconscious Mind in a balanced way
  • You learn, practice and apply techniques, like Relaxation, Inductions and many others,  to cross the bridge from your conscious to the world of the subconscious Mind
  • Then you use these or other methods and techniques, like Visualization, Anchoring emotions, Suggestions etc. to exploit the enormous powers of your Subconscious
  • And you can download instructions as Text, Audio or Video Files to adjust your Learning and Practicing of Skills to your mobile lifestyle

Our Vision:
Differentiate our solution through "optimal personalization"

Yes, we consider above mentioned principles as "must have" integral elements of our methodology.
However, our unique approach to Learning, Practicing and Applying these skills is still very different even from currently leading solutions.
The key for positioning Dynamic Mind Skills solutions as truly unique is: Optimal Personalization!
A level of Personalization which otherwise has been and still is the unique feature of face-to-face Coaching by a real Life Coach.
It is all about the difference between Coaching programs built for “Everybody”  or Coaching programs built only "for you"!
Dynamic Mind Skills Virtual Coaching is designed, developed and delivered "only 4YOU"
At run time,  in real time, meaning when you access the  website, Text and Audio  instructions are built depending on your profile, dealing with you as a person, with your personality factors, your history, your facts and your intentions.
This makes the DMS Coaching approach come close to the face-to-face Coaching experience with a real life Coach.

Our Solution:
The DMS Methodology and Techniques for "getting and staying mentally strong"

The following principles build the foundation of the DMS approach:

  • The Duality of the Mind  - exploiting the power of your conscious and subconscious Mind
  • Cooperative Coaching - creating Synergy between Virtual and real Life Coaching
  • Expert Learning system - continuous feedback on performance feeding a self-learning Expert System

Click here to learn more about the Dynamic Mind Skills Methodology

Our expectation of benefits for our Clients:

  • Clients use Learning- & Training methods otherwise only available to the elite in sports or business..
  • The "Duality of Mind" approach ( using your conscious and subconscious Mind in a balanced way) accelerates the Learning process and ensures quality and consistency  of the use of your skills under pressure
  • Instructions are tailored to the personality of the Clent
  • Use of innovative, multimedia technologies for the user interface
  • The "real life" Coach will be enabled to improve the quality and reach of services; thereby differentiating  his business from competitors and passing on cost benefits to Clients
  • In total, Clients will not only learn faster and more efficient, but also at affordable cost.  And they will have more fun in their private lives, in business, sports or any other life style activity.

Welcome to the World of Dynamic Mind Skills!

Welcome also to the World of Vicoco!

  • your "personal" virtual Coaching  Companion wherever you go in the World of Dynamic Mind Skills!

  • your  Profiling Wizard helping you to develop your personal profile 

  • above all,  your virtual Coach, working closely with his friends, the real-life coaches

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